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Music education for all

The poorest children are often excluded from music education due to high costs and lack of opportunities to advance their learning. We want to increase access to individual instrumental and vocal tuition by KAA pupils over the next three years, extending lesson duration, and providing free tuition for the most disadvantage pupils. Our long-term goal is that this enhanced provision will lead to an increase in the numbers of pupils taking Music at GCSE and A-level.

Project cost: £30,000 (£300 per pupil) per year



Increasing participation in sport: rowing, tennis & BMX

Aside from the obvious benefit to health, sports are a brilliant way of keeping pupils positively engaged during the ‘dead period’ after school, and can also inspire young people to transfer positive gains, such as discipline, teamwork and leadership skills, to other areas of their life, including academic learning. However the hidden costs of school sports, as school budgets tighten evermore, can be prohibitive. In 2018-19, we are supporting three sports programmes at KAA: tennis for 860 pupils, BMX for 440 pupils and rowing for 180 pupils.

Project cost: £27,000 (£18 per pupil) per year



Starting the day on the right foot: Breakfast Club

The introduction of  the daily Breakfast Club at KAA was of  particular importance  following the school’s  displacement from its  building in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire.  With reports of some students arriving at school hungry having not had a proper breakfast at home, and this having an impact on behaviour and learning, KIT supported the establishment of this service which feeds up to 200 pupils each day. It is also an opportunity for students and teachers to connect with each other in an informal setting, and catch up on schoolwork. Over the coming year we are looking to expand the service to reach more at risk pupils and provide a more nutritionally varied menu.

Project cost: £30,000 (£150 per pupil) per year



KAA News Club

As digital media increasingly features in young people’s lives and their future study and career paths, we are excited to support the establishment of ‘KAA News’, a digital media and production lunchtime club. Pupils will take on the roles of producers, camera operators, editors, script writers, researchers, interviewers and presenters, and will learn how to plan, record, edit and publish a regular ‘show’ on school events.

Project cost: £2,000 for equipment  



Sixth Form Residential at Oxford University

In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy, two Oxford University colleges offered to host our 200-strong sixth form for a week of residential learning, which took place in September 2017. It was an enormous success: giving pupils an insight into life and culture at university, raising ambitions and convincing them of their own potential. Subsequently several students applied to and were interviewed by Oxbridge Universities, and two of the school’s first alumni secured places at Oxford starting in September 2018. This short film gives a glimpse into how impactful the experience was for both students and teachers. Following its success, the Trust is supporting the establishment of an annual sixth-form university residential programme.

Project cost: £19,000 (£190 per pupil) per year  


Developing life skills - Duke of Edinburgh scheme

Many KAA pupils have not set foot outside the city, and as well as providing a wonderful adventure with their peers, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme develops students’ ‘soft skills’, such as resilience, teamwork and communication, and is highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers.  The Trust funded the school’s first set of DofE expeditions in summer 2018, with further funding required to enable hundreds more young people to gain valuable transferable skills over the coming three years.

Project cost: £5,000 (£76 per pupil) per year



Year 7 Outward Bound Residentials

The outward bound course is a key step in the life of our Year 7 pupils. They are entering secondary school, a new stage of their education and development, in a new environment where they will spend the next seven years of their life. The aim is to provide them with the tools and confidence to succeed at KAA. The week-long outward bound residential held in September 2017 was a huge success, helping pupils bond with each other and the pastoral staff. This academic year, our Academy will welcome 180 new Year 7 entrants. It is a very high priority for us to build on this success and repeat this residential as a kick-off programme for our new Year 7 students.

Project cost: £49,500 (£275 per pupil) per year


To learn more about any project or aspect of our work, please contact eleni.goulandris@kaatrust.org.uk.