News from the newly formed KAA Rowing Squad

by Eleni Goulandris  on 19th February 2019  in  Sports

The KAA Rowing Squad, made possible by funding from KIT, had their first ever rowing race meet on the 18th February 2019 against Hammersmith Academy. We took 7 of our most talented GCSE PE rowers in Year 11 and 10. Izzy, Jeriel and Cole made up one boat and Ali O, Ali G, Michael and Mary made up the second. Both squads were racing against time to warm-up and practice, as the light was fading at Fulham Reach Boat Club. Race one was extremely close off the mark, with both boats taking the lead at different points. But the Year 11s (Izzy, Jeriel & Cole) had a rapid sprint finish, allowing them to pull a whole boats length in front of HA and steamed over the finish line in first place.


The KAA Rowing Squad

As the light almost disappeared the second race began in almost darkness under Hammersmith bridge. Ali O, Ali G, Michael & Mary got off to a great start, but a determined HA pulled back to almost level, where it was neck and neck for 20 metres. But then the KAA quad dug deep and produced 10 solid strokes sending them into the lead. Amazingly they didn’t tire and continued at a great pace, putting them two boat lengths ahead of HA, which allowed them to cruise over the finish line, securing our first double winner and first victory rowing meet!


Congratulations to all rowers, who made me and the rest of the team so proud on the coldest day of the year!!!

Miss Paine

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