Breakfast Club

The introduction of  the daily Breakfast Club at KAA was of  particular importance  following the school’s  displacement from its  building in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire.  With reports of some students arriving at school hungry having not had a proper breakfast at home, and this having an impact on behaviour and learning, KIT supported the establishment of this service which feeds up to 200 pupils each day.

“Breakfast Club means I am never late to school and I can catch up on my homework over breakfast.”

Amelia, Yr 13


Studies have shown* that children who eat a proper, nutritionally balanced meal before the start of the school day are more active and perform better academically than those who do not. Therefore the Breakfast Club at KAA is helping to support students not only in their studies, but also in encouraging them to lead healthy active lives across the board. At KAA we have also found that students who attend Breakfast Club are more consistently punctual to the first lessons of the day than those who do not.

KAA Breakfast Club also provides an opportunity for students and teachers to connect with each other in an informal setting, and catch up on schoolwork. Over the coming year we are looking to expand the service to reach more at risk pupils and provide a more nutritionally varied menu.

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* Evaluation of Breakfast Clubs in schools with high levels of deprivation, Department for Education (2017)


KAA Breakfast Club gives students the opportunity to interact with their friends, catch up on school work and build better relationships with their peers and teachers.