Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

In their own words, the Duke of Edinburgh award “encourages young people to gain new skills, push themselves physically, help others and explore new territories, whilst at the same time gathering friendships, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime”.

For KAA pupils, many of whom have not set foot outside the city, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme does this and so much more. Taking part in the scheme develops students’ ‘soft skills’, such as resilience, teamwork and communication, and is highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers.  The experience also offers a fantastic adventure to be enjoyed with peers and strengthens friendships, forges new bonds and unearths skills that students didn’t even know they had!

The KAA Intrepidus Trust funded the school’s first set of DofE expeditions in summer 2018, with further funding required to enable hundreds more young people to gain valuable transferable skills over the coming three years.

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