Increasing participation in sport

“The best state schools recognise the wider benefits of participation in competitive sport in building a strong ethos and helping children to develop into well-rounded and successful individuals. As a result, attainment across these schools tends to be high.”

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Head of Ofsted

Aside from the obvious benefit to health, sports are a brilliant way of keeping pupils positively engaged during the ‘dead period’ after school, and can also inspire young people to transfer positive gains, such as discipline, teamwork and leadership skills, to other areas of their life, including academic learning. However the hidden costs of school sports, as school budgets tighten ever-more, can be prohibitive. In 2018-19, we are supporting three sports programmes at KAA: tennis for 860 pupils, BMX for 440 pupils and rowing for 180 pupils.

Project cost: £27,000 (£18 per pupil) per year 

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