Music education for all

There is overwhelming evidence to show that music in UK secondary schools is on the decline, with barely one in 20 students taking Music GCSE last year, and the poorest children most likely to be excluded from music education in general. We believe music is essential to a well-rounded education, and can have a profound impact on personal and emotional development as well as learning.

As with many state secondary schools, free music provision at KAA is limited to one hour of group lessons per week. We want to open up the world of music to more pupils at KAA and to this end, we are supporting the development of an inclusive programme of individual music lessons from specialist instrumental and vocal teachers which will be free for the most disadvantaged pupils and heavily subsidised for other pupils.

Funding from the Trust will enable 100 pupils to receive weekly one-to-one instrumental or vocal tuition, of whom 60 will be the most disadvantaged and will receive free tuition. We will also  increase provision from 20 to 30 mins per lesson. Through this programme we hope to see an increase in uptake of Music GCSE and A-levels among our pupils.

Project cost: £30,000 (£300 per pupil) per year  
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