Endowment Appeal

An expendable endowment fund is a self-sustaining source of funding where the capital is invested to produce income. Whereas the principal investment remains intact in perpetuity, or over a long-term period, the income is granted annually, in part or in full, to support the fund’s purpose. Any undistributed earnings are reinvested to grow the fund. In this way, an endowment fund can provide support for its designated purpose durably and enable donors can to create a longstanding legacy.

Endowment Funds are used by many leading higher institutions – famously Oxford & Cambridge Universities have billion-pound endowment funds.

Four good reasons to make an endowed gift:

• Your gift will help to ensure continuity of our programmes during lean times, creating financial stability and allowing less dependency on unpredictable sources of income.

• Long-term strategic investment in the school will pay dividends for pupils and teachers: the best quality teachers are attracted to the best resourced schools as well as opportunities for professional growth.

• You will help free up resources otherwise dedicated to fundraising, enabling the Trust to focus on developing projects and relationships with external partners who can offer opportunities to pupils. In this way, every pound raised is a pound that does not need to be raised again.

• Endowed gifts provide a way for you to leave a lasting bequest and create a permanent legacy for a cause.

The KAA Intrepidus Trust Endowment Fund

The KAA Intrepidus Trust Expendable Endowment Fund will provide long term financial security to ensure the Trust is well-positioned to serve generations of KAA pupils to come.

The interest earned from the invested capital will provide annual income for ongoing delivery of educational enrichment programmes at Kensington Aldridge Academy.

Through this fund, we will be able to ensure that future generations of young people, from deprived communities served by the school, can access opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them.*

Our Appeal Goal

The Trust has set as a target the sum of £2 million for the Endowment Appeal. We think this is a realistic target, and one that will secure a reliable flow of revenue to secure our future and deliver our vision.

**Update, 1st November 2019**

We are delighted to report that  at the one year mark, we are now over halfway towards our target, having raised £1.2 million in donations and pledges towards our  £2 million appeal target.

We have come a long way, but we still need your help to reach our goal.  To discuss any aspect of endowment gifts, please contact eleni.goulandris@kaatrust.org.uk

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* It is the intention of KAA Intrepidus Trust Trustees to keep the capital of the endowment fund intact in perpetuity. However, the Trustees reserve the right if necessary to convert part of the endowed capital to unrestricted income in furtherance of the Trust’s objectives.